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Criminal Defence Lawyers in St. John’s

When people come in conflict with the law, it is vital that they be aware of their legal rights. There are certain obligations upon the authorities which a lawyer can inform you of. Often times, there are legal defences to situations that persons may not be aware without a lawyer’s advice. It is well worth the time and expense to get a lawyer’s opinion on any criminal law situation no matter how big or small since, unless you get pardoned, a criminal record stays with you forever. Perry & Power has criminal defence lawyers in St. John’s who can help defend your rights.

Courtrooms can be intimidating places, and having a lawyer at your side to speak for you and advise you of what is happening helps. There are some situations in which a lawyer can appear on your behalf without you having to go in person. At Perry & Power, we offer reasonable hourly rates to provide opinions and representation in criminal law matters, and so it is worth your while to give us a call if you ever get in trouble with the law.

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